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The SMS monitoring service can be accessed through a series of REST calls to initiate and monitor test responses. Using the REST services a client can:

  1. Retrieve the statistics and SMS codes for their account
  2. Retrieve a list of the most currently available handsets for testing based on country or network
  3. Query the results from the testing
  4. Send a message to the handset to initiate MO testing

The REST API is changing and improving continously.

Client Authentication and Authorization

Client acces to the REST API will be secured through a two-legged oAuth security model. Before you can access the API you will be assigned two keys. The consumer key and the secret key. It is important that you maintain the security of those keys as we will have to regenerate them if you lose them.

OAuth endpoints URLs

Request Token http://api.mob4hire.com/oauth/request_token
Access Token http://api.mob4hire.com/oauth/access_token

Message Formats

Messages and responses are available in both JSON or XML formats. The JSON responses can be trigger by setting the Accept: application/json header on the REST request.


The general endpoint is http://api.mob4hire.com/v1/