SMS is the most widely accessible form of short messaging today. Users from children to corporate clients use it for purposes ranging from simple chat to delivery of information and commerce. SMS however is not a guaranteed delivery system. As such, companies who are using SMS for mission critical or business purposes need to have a way of ensuring that their messages are in fact being delivered. Mob4hire has built such a system.

The Mob4Hire system tests mobile SMS functionality over a wide range of networks. Clients (those who wish to test SMS functionality) can access the mob4hire service through a collection of APIs to launch tests and gather results. Details on the delivery success / failure are tracked. The results of the tests are collated and made available to clients.

The system consists of an application server and a number of live devices that are distributed in markets of interest. If a client wants to test a certain market to verify SMS delivery, all they need to do is query the mob4hire system, retrieve a set test MINs, send their SMS test messages via their preferred hannels and collect the test results. It’s that simple. The Mob4hire system does the rest.

This document describes the system and the APIs through which clients can access the Mob4hire SMS delivery verification system.

  • Client - A Mob4hire client that wishes to test SMS functionality
  • Device - A mobile device connected to a mobile network that is a test target
  • MIN - Mobile Identification Number, the phone number of an individual mobile device
  • SMSC - Short Message Service Center - network element responsible for the routing of SMS messages